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Creatronica - Analog Capacitor ESR Meter + Transformer Tester [ CAPACheck Mictron ]

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Modelo: Mictron
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To Cut The Long Story Short .I Have Spend Far More Time In Research Then Any Indian Could for ESR Meter .This Is The Reason We Choose Anatek ESR Meter For Selling In Digital Version -> Click Here To Know More  . Now What Was Required Was a Analog ESR Meter Also .Initially I Though I will Make My Own "Lol I Still Will " But Till that Time I Have To Offer You a Excellent Analogue ESR Meter From Argentina .Yup The Place Or Favourite Footballer Maradona .This Is the Third Version Of The Analog Meter Creatronica Sells  .The Older Models Were CAPACheck 735 XL PLUS And CAPACheck 911 XL PLUS .This Like The Anatek Blue ESR Meter Is The Third Version Of This Design . But Why a Analog ESR Meter .Well For Starters I Find The Scale Arrangement In This Awesome So To Find Out Good / OK And BAD Capacitors Its Great .Analog Meters Have a Appeal Of Thier Own . Secondly This Meter Also Test Transformers And Switching Type Flyback Transformers Wooo .We Offer Worldwide Shipping .Wanna Know More Click Picture for More Info .


Warranty  : As Per Manufacturer [ Creatronica Policies ]

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