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Anatek - Blue ESR Meter / Low Ohms Meter / Capacitor Analyser Cum Tester [ By Bob Parker ]

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The Blue ESR/Low Ohms Meter .The latest and best Bob Parker design and successor to the famous Dick Smith ESR/Low Ohms Meter .This handy and affordable meter measures capacitor equivalent series resistance (ESR) in the circuit. ESR is a very important characteristic of capacitors greater than 1 ufd. This meter makes measurements which are often impossible to check with capacitance meters. See the electrolytic cap ESR problem for more information on ESR.  Also great for measuring very low values of resistance.Supplied in kit form with all components, hardware, PCB, case, or fully assembled, tested and aligned, the unit has on board automatic problem sensing that will detect assembly errors.


Warranty  : As Per Manufacturer [ Anatek Corporation Policies ]

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