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Autoelectric [ China ]  Is a Company Thats Dedicated To Development of Universal EPROM Programmer  .They Make BIOS / EPROM Programmers And Also Car Diagnostic Equiptment .We Are National Distributors For Thier Minipro TL866CS And TL866A Programmers  . Buy The Best BIOS Programmer In India At Cheap Cost .Autoelectric Programmers Support All Type Of BIOSES Used In Desktop / Laptop Motherboards .You Can Also Use This To Program BIOSES Of Hard Drives [ Aka Hard Disc ] , Printers And Many Other Computer Parts .

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Autoelectric - Universal Flash EPROM BIOS MCU Programmer [ Model TL866CS ]
Rs :4,226/-

Autoelectric - Universal Flash EPROM BIOS MCU ISP Programmer [ Model TL866A ]
Rs :5,507/-

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